Wednesday, September 24, 2008


One or two blogging friends "assigned" this to me quite a while back, so I'm finally snagging a few moments to complete it! It's been a packed last few days, so this is a welcome creative respite. I've seen plenty of other memes before, but this open-ended type is probably my favorite... Hopefully it may help you "get to know" me a bit better. :)

I am...a handmaiden of the Lord

I think...about His mysteries

I know...He is Prince of my heart

I have...lots of hopes and dreams

I wish...I knew His will with certainty

I hate...heavy metal "music"

I grandmother (deceased), and Malori (far away)

I fear...putting my own desires above His for me

I feel...somewhat overwhelmed at my current to-do list

I little brother practicing his cello upstairs, being coached by Sarah

I smell...the lingering scent of the frozen blueberries on which I just finished snacking (mmm!)

I crave...words of affirmation

I search...for meaning in everything

I wonder...what my future husband (Lord-willing) is doing right now

I regret...not practicing my violin more


I ache...for children starved for truth; victims of the culture of death

I am not...quite ready for bedtime to be here yet; it would help the progress of my week if sleep wasn't required. :)

I miracles

I every opportunity

I give glory to God

I cry...for the pain in the world

I don't always...maintain the balancing act of life very well

I will sometimes

I write...plenty of things inside my head, and wish I had more chance to put them down :)

I win...word games frequently

I lose...chess! (In fact, I never even play it. My mind isn't wired for that kind of thing; I leave it to my dad and brother).

I never...want to fall into mortal sin

I always...long for motherhood when a baby is in my arms

I confuse...the days when they all "mesh" together!

I uplifting music whenever I can

I can usually be found...happiest when surrounded by children

I am scared...of hurting others by uncharitable words

I sisters!

I am happy about...finishing this meme and posting on my poor, neglected blog

I imagine...Heaven and those who rejoice there

I am wearing...a light pink top, cross necklace made by my cousin Gabrielle long ago, and a dark skirt printed with vivid blue roses and pink flowers of a tone that I can't properly name right now.

I being chronically "time challenged" (I truly am working on that, though)

I anticipate...seeing Fireproof (hopefully) this weekend

I read...the Fairy Tale Novels when I need a "book escape"

I play...volleyball with my family on the beach when we go on vacation

I smile...whenever I see a reminder of His love

I laugh...when surrounded by joyful girlhood friends

I can't wait...for the next time I can go to Adoration

I believe...that we need to really storm heaven for the upcoming Elections!

Now, I think I'm supposed to "assign" this to a bunch of people, but since I'm not sure who may or may not have done it already, if you read my blog and haven't done this yet, please consider yourself tagged! And please comment and let me know if you do it!


Your college friend ;-) said...


You usually win word games. But when we play blurt, Sarah usually wins ;-)

I look forward to seeing Fireproof as well.

I am also looking forward to the week-end - and I'll bet you are too- it's been a long week!!!


Claire said...

You're right, dear Laura, but that could partially be because I haven't been able to play Blurt the last several times! ;)

Yes, it's been a long week...but I have a lot of work ahead of me this weekend, too. :)