Saturday, April 12, 2008

Glimpses just a few of the goings-on of the past few weeks! Perhaps this can make up a bit for my extended absence here. :)

St. Faustina (a.k.a. Sarah) visited our parish for a special presentation!

"My Jesus, I want to love You as no human soul has ever loved You before; and although I am utterly miserable and small, I have nevertheless cast the anchor of my trust deep down into the abyss of Your mercy, O my God and Creator!" (Saint Faustina Kowalska)

Sarah was a Confirmation sponsor a few weekends ago, and Veronica made these beautiful nosegays for her and her goddaughter

A close-up

Suzuki music lessons have kept me busy!

My little students are so enjoyable

Spending quality time with Grandma Jan at her favorite place: Culver's. (Actually, this was back in March, but I thought I'd include it anyway!)

A sweet moment...

Appassionata played and sang for a First Communion a few weeks ago

Veronica, inspired by online photos of a "Friends" necklaces priced at $40 each, turned around and made these for a fraction of that!

My goddaughters (Veronica and Amanda) modeling their new necklaces

A baking project -- by many hands!

Our young griller... now that the weather's warming, he's done quite a bit of this lately!

At a recent Little Flowers Senior Club meeting, we had the opportunity to decorate cakes. As this is not something I often have the time for, it was a lot of fun!

Sarah's cake...

...and mine.

Easter 2008 Snapshot

Blessings! I hope and pray to be able to "return" with some more substantial writing soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Claire! I love the pics. By the way, were you on the radio with Laura Ingrahm(sp?) at all?
God bless,
Vicki M.

fishy said...

For some reason I look, like, really, weird (oops I almost wrote wierd! =) in all the photos. My smile kind of looks kind of fake!

Megan said...

I like the quote by St. Faustina and I liked the cakes that you made =)

Anonymous said...

Dear Claire,
Those are fantastic pictures! All of you guys are very talented at cake decorating. And your brother with grilling! I love the Easter outfits. Especially the shawls:)
In Christ through Mary our Mother,
P.S. Your Grandmother looks so sweet!

Kaila said...

Love all the photos!

Too bad you don't live closer. My sister's always wanted to take violin lessons :-)