Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My new profile picture

was taken after our concert with the Joliet Symphony Orchestra on the first of the month. Since it's rather small in the profile, and I'm not sure how to change the size, here's a little larger view... actually, the whole thing.

Appassionata: Musicians to the King

Claire H., Violin
Sarah H., Violin
Veronica H., Violin
Mary K., Harp
Laura K., Harp

(Appassionata is the name of our small chamber group when we play weddings and other special events. Incidentally, we are also all members of our town's Symphony/Community Orchestra. Well, Veronica is not quite, but probably soon...)

By the way, "appassionata" is an (Italian) musical term meaning "with passion".


Anonymous said...

Oh, lovely! I'm sure the sound of you all playing is beautiful!
Wish I could hear you sometime...

Laura K. said...

Dear Claire,

The picture looks good!

Could you email it to us?

Amanda said...

Beautiful picture! Now, is that one that I took, or did Terivio take it. (I hope I spelt his name right!)