Friday, April 25, 2008


Last night, thanks to the invitation of a professional violinist with whom we've had the chance to become aquinted with recently, I had the opportunity to see Rachel Barton play in person — for free! (It was a final rehearsal for the a nearby concert she's playing this weekend...we all got to go.)

It was sublime. So incredible that a person can take that instrument and bring from it such sweetness! It's the kind of sound in which one can simply melt. Just amazing.

Our violinist friend summed it up exactly, I think: "She has an absolute gift from God".


Cecilia Rose said...

Oh, she is such an amazing violinist! I got to see her w/ the Dallas Symphony a few years ago, and she was phenomenal! I actually know her younger sister, Hannah, who goes to Peabody and is the same graduating class as me! Rachel started this cool thing called "Global Heartstrings," where she collects old strings, music, and instruments for kids in countries where they don't have any opportunities to learn music, and last year we held a collection drive at Peabody to donate to the cause!

Rachel Barton Pine said...

Thanks so much for attending my rehearsal. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Rachel :)