Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Secrets of the Eucharist

Let's just continue our Sacramental theme, shall we? :) We hosted a meeting tonight for the parents of our First Communicants at St. Joseph's, and so last week I searched around for a Eucharistic "teaching" film to show them. I found Seven Secrets of the Eucharist by Vinny Flynn.

All of us really need to make sure we are continually re-energizing our understanding of what and Who the Eucharist is. If we don't, it can all too easily become thoughtless monotony.

This talk, based off of Mr. Flynn's book by the same name, does just that: wakes and shakes us up to profound reality of this gift! He highlighted how the effectiveness of the Sacrament is directly proportional to our participation in it. He takes what may sound at first like simple or even obvious points and completely lights them up. For example: the Eucharist is alive. When we receive our Lord, it is not the dead Jesus but the living one! We receive the presence of the whole Trinity as Father and Holy Spirit come to us with Jesus! We receive the presence of all of heaven, angels and saints, as they come to us with Him!

I especially loved Mr. Flynn's explanation of Spiritual Communion. Wow... it's so much more than most of us think! He shares a beautiful prayer: "Jesus, lock me in the tabernacle with You." There is a lot to be meditated on in that tiny little prayer...

What I most appreciated was how everything he explained was based off of writings of the Popes, Saints, and Divine Revelations such as Our Lord to St. Faustina. So solid. So good.

At the very end, he mentions how a whole chapter of Pope John Paul's Eucharistic Encyclical was dedicated to Our Lady. He then goes on to share some of the most beautiful titles for her... such as the First Tabernacle, the first Eucharistic procession (when she bore Jesus and went to Elizabeth!), and the Living Monstrance.

He also drove home how crucial it is for us to enter into communion with Our Lord, not just passively receive Him. It really struck me when he said that one could receive Holy Communion every day of their life, but remain unchanged if they're not desiring and working toward and praying for closer union with Christ!
The summary of it all is this: we can transform both our own lives and life of the Church through the life and power of the Eucharist... if only we desire it.


Yaviel said...

WOW that was so beutiful=)

your sister in christ

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I want to cry when I think of how little I appreciate this wonderful, imeasurably precious, gift of Himself.... that our Lord has given me as one of His children. Thank you for the reminder of what it really is to recieve Him... body, blood, soul and divinity. It has made me resolve to try much harder to recieve Him as I should........and to try very hard to rid myself of any distracions, both interior and exterior (-which can be a bit of a trick when you are a mother to two little toddlers;). May God bless you, and thanks again!

In Christ,
Mrs. Kate Hollmann