Monday, October 08, 2007

Post Script on Braiding

Veronica kindly reminded me of a few more braid photos worth sharing... I did this 7-strand french braid on Sarah on our recent trip Out West.

Instructions for multiple odd-strand braids can be found in detail here.


Anonymous said...

I am always longing for you to do my hair whenever I see photos of the beautiful braids you do. What a gift you have!
-Vicki M.

Claire said...

Thank you, Vicki! Who knows... maybe sometime I will get to do your hair! :-)

Phil 4:8

Sylvia said...

Oooh, that's really pretty!! I remember you french braiding my sister's hair at the convention. Can you do all those braids on your own hair?

deb said...

Very lovely! I wish that I had the patience to do this stlye on my own daughters. Does this style of braid work for girls with very fine hair? My younger daughter's hair falls out of every braid that I put in her hair.