Thursday, October 25, 2007

BELLA is coming tomorrow!

In January when my family attended the March for Life, we were privileged to experience a special preview of the movie Bella. It was everything a movie should be: clean, family-centered, and while the plot is dramatic and inspiring, there are also some funny moments. It's a heartwarming story about the sanctity of life, the gift of family, the power of relationships, ordinary people finding new hope...

And the neat part is: the story behind the movie is just as powerful as the story within it. And the best part is: it's being released tomorrow! This film is absolutely a must-see. If there was ever a time to go to the theater, this is it. Let's pray that this movie will "break the box office"! It's about time we took a stand for entertainment that lifts us up instead of dragging us down.

"The last film with Bella’s momentum was the Passion of the Christ."
–Steve McEveety, Executive Producer of Braveheart and a producer of The Passion

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Sylvia said...

I am so excited about Bella!! I saw Eduardo Verastegui on EWTN and he was great. We have been praying for movies like this for a long time.