Thursday, December 14, 2006

Homeschoolers Unite!

Even though the 2006 Weblog Awards voting ends tomorrow, we can still affect the results!

In short, the two top blogs competing (very closely, I might add!) for the Best Educational Blog award are... liberal Michael Bérubé and SpunkyHomeschool, a dedicated, witty, and devout Christan homeschool mom.

This has really and truly come down to a battle of Christian ideals versus Secular ideals, Godly values versus Godless values. As reported on the ever-fantastic blog The Rebelution, "Michael Bérubé recently commented... 'The important thing is that...I crush the homeschoolers.' "

To get the whole scoop, click here.

To help SpunkyHomeschool win, you can vote once per day per computer by clicking here. Get your friends to vote too! But HURRY: voting ends tomorrow (December 15th)!


Alek Hidell said...

No offense, but you've really taken Michael Berube's comment out of context. And it was tongue-in-cheek, anyway.

As a longtime Berube reader (and a Christian), I can assure you that he has no anti-religion agenda. He may have an anti-fanaticism agenda, but that's not the same thing at all.

Claire said...

Alek, thanks for your thoughts and for reading my blog. If Mr. Berube's comments were, as you say, really not serious, then that's...good to know. :) But even so, there is still a rather key battle between Christianity and secularism going on here. I think the following write-up by an Administrator of The Rebelution Forums really explains this well:

"In the 'blogosphere' (the world of online blogs) there has always been a battle between the secular blogs driving people to humanistic philosophies, and the Christian blogs, inspiring people to Christian ideals. This battle has sometimes even been intense, but never so intense as it is now, in the 2006 Weblog Awards. These awards are given to blogs who are ranked the best out of a collection of finalists, by their readers. This is a kind of Oscar for blogs. Blogs with a Weblog Award earn a certain level of respect with other bloggers - even secular ones.

This year the Weblog Award for the Most Educational Blog on the Web has come down to an intense battle between the blog of a purely secular college professor, and the blog of a purely Christian homeschooling mother. There are many news articles scattered all over the web focusing on this issue, watching it to see how strong Christians are, and how well we support each other."