Friday, December 15, 2006

A bit of follow-up...

Little did I know that my post about voting for SpunkyHomeschool versus Michael Bérubé in the the Weblog Awards would end up being quoted on his blog, sending me the highest traffic that day that I've ever experienced. A surprise, to say the least! Which also made for some interesting developments -- making it necessary for me to bring here some clarifications that Mr. Bérubé kindly made for us on his and IvyGate's (another leading contestant for the Weblog Best Educational Blog Award) comments during the race.

In his own words:

The point is this. We really were kidding. But in pretending to be people who take weblog awards way too seriously, we apparently crossed some people who take weblog awards way too seriously. I have nothing against Ms. Braun [Spunky] or her family, and wish them the very best.

Apparently, this whole incident is a good example of the mis-communication that our modern snazzy methods of communications can bring upon us sometimes. :) We homeschoolers are all-too-familiar with warring attitudes towards us…and the truth is there are many folks on the web who make remarks such as his and are serious. For those of us unfamiliar with Mr. Bérubé's style of irony, it was only natural we would take his remarks literally. It was a welcome development to learn that it was all not quite as heavy as we thought. :)

One a positive ending note, it was heartening to read very cordial comments by both SpunkyHomeschool and Mr. Bérubé on each other's blogs. The closing graciousness shown by each was an appreciated outcome to all this!

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