Sunday, November 30, 2008



The story of Christ's birth is a story of promise, hope, and a revolutionary love.

So, what happened? What was once a time to celebrate the birth of a savior has somehow turned into a season of stress, traffic jams, and shopping lists.

And when it's all over, many of us are left with presents to return, looming debt that will take months to pay off, and this empty feeling of missed purpose. Is this what we really want out of Christmas?

What if Christmas became a world-changing event again?

Today begins Advent. Enter the conspiracy!

HT: Homeschooling with Joy


LeneJ said...

Wonderful video to remind you of the REAL meaning of Advent!! I'll spread it around to my friends! ;-)
(by the way,I've emailed you but received no reply..)

Claire said...


Thank you for visiting and for your comments! I apologize about the email; my web email address has had problems and your message hadn't reached me. I was able to retrieve it today from a webmail folder.

Anyway, thanks for saying something. I would be thrilled to send some resources to Norway! I'm rather behind on my Rosa Mystica work right now, but will hopefully be able to get a package together for you soon.

In the meantime, blessed Advent, and thanks again for visiting!

In Christ,