Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All About St. Nicholas

I'm doing some preparation for the Catechetial program which I coordinate, to prepare resources for my catechists to use for St. Nicholas Day in a few weeks, and have to share here a few of the lovely sites I've found...

The St. Nicholas Center is simply a treasure box for all things St. Nicholas! Everything you could wish to learn about his true story, worldwide traditions surrounding his Feast Day (December 6), celebration ideas, kid's activities, an online store with stickers, bookmarks, (and even cookie cutters!), and more.

There is what appears to be a beautiful St. Nicholas traveling exhibit, which will be in Chicago for the next two months.

And some exciting news that I didn't know: there's a brand new, major feature film, "Nicholas of Myra", in progress right now! It looks like a splendid project, and probably an outstanding family film rich in history, spirituality, and meaning. The official movie website is

...Just another beautiful evidence, I believe, of the ongoing "new pentecost" we are blessed to be seeing within the arts, particularly within filmmaking. The Passion of the Christ seemed to pave the much-needed way for a growing number of quality films rooted in virtue!

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