Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Rose...

...slowly opening, slowly becoming a beautiful bloom.

...A Rose...that started breathing 20 years ago today.

...A Rose...with a beautiful name and a special purpose...

Happy Birthday Claire!

All our Love,
Dad, Mom
Sarah, Veronica and David


Teresa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope it wasa good one.=)

Lady Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday Claire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Claire!

V, so you decided to go ahead and post them, eh? Are those the pics you were telling me about? They look great! (Time to get out the camera again!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Claire!

Love,your friends,
Mary and Laura

Kaila said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! That's a beautiful rose :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Claire!!! I still have three years to go before I turn 20. Hope I can turn that age with as much grace and beauty of the heart as you.
God bless,
Vicki M.

Clare said...

Happy birthday, Claire! May God bless you richly in the following years!

Gregory Cantor said...

I am late, as usual, but...

Happy Birthday!

("Mais vale tarde, do que nunca!")

God Bless

Claire said...

Thank you so much, everyone!

Teresa: Yes, it was a good one. :)

Lady Kathleen: Happy Birthday to you, too!

Amanda: Yes, didn't Veronica's photos turn out nice? It's sure convenient having sisters that also serve as resident photographers. ;)

Mary and Laura: So kind of you to stop by... I always love a comment from my favorite twins!

Kaila: I just love roses (but then, what girl doesn't?). Mom surprised me with two dozen yellow ones, and I had such fun taking photos of them (although Veronica took creativity one step further and took the "rose-in-snow" ones she put in this post).

Vicki: Thank you! You are very kind. It's always such a joy to have you visit! By the way, if you ever start a blog let me know (and when's your birthday?)

Gregory: I don't consider you late at all. Continued greetings are great fun. :)

With gratitude,


Anonymous said...

To answer your question, my birthday is still a little ways off. It is September 13; I will turn 18 this year!

If I ever start a blog I will be sure to let you know!

God bless,
Vicki M.

P.S. Are you going to camp this year?