Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It is no coincidence

that Danielle Bean's lenten challenge for today includes the following:

Do you have talent? Remember to give God the glory. “The sole thing in myself in which I glory is that I see in myself nothing in which I can glory.” – St. Catherine of Genoa

...So timely and fitting, as the Little Flowers Catholic Dance and Theatre Troupe's second performance of the Seven Last Words of Christ was this evening for an audience of over 1,000. There was, indeed, a great deal of talent. But it was all for Him. And to Him be the glory!

My heart is very full, but as it is late I must leave it at this. Perhaps I shall have the chance soon to reflect in greater detail on the overwhelming grace-filled events of the past few days.

In the meantime, make sure you don't miss the incredible daily Holy Week mediations over at Homeschooling with Joy, featuring magnificent snapshots from the above performances!

Let us surrender our hearts to Him this Holy Week!

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Lady Kathleen said...

I had fun being an angery person. We heard the Bishop Kaffer was there a few minuets or so be fore we went out for the first word. I am glad that you like the photos that my mother took and that you like to visit her blog too :)

Your sister in Christ