Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Beginnings

What a glorious time of year this is. Entering Advent this past Sunday meant the beginning of a new Liturgical year. A good time to make a "new year's" resolution, which we all did here! This is such a rich, wondrous season...each year I love it more. My heart is brimming with thoughts and expressions, but at the moment, no time to form them.

I must say this, though: ¡Me encanta nieve!* And we've been blessed with an abundance of it this week! God's paintbrush... covering the world with his touch of beauty. Pure delight.

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

*A "gold star" to anyone who can translate! ;)


His alone said...

Something about singing or snow...

Anonymous said...

Dear Claire,

Your Spanish phrase means:

"I love snow!" or literally "snow enchants me!"

Do I win the gold star? ;)

Guess who: the hopefully someday Spanish expert ;)

Claire said...

Yes, Sarah, you get the gold star! ;)

To any wondering readers: Sarah is my sister and companion in Spanish class. :) From the first day, our teacher always called us "Las Hermanas"!