Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I've wanted to write this post for a long time

It was several years ago that a friend first lent me Eric and Leslie Ludy's books When God Writes Your Love Story and When Dreams Come True. I immediately fell in love with their engaging, entertaining style and the beautiful depth of their message. When God Writes Your Love Story put into words, and took to a new level, much of what was engrained in my heart thanks to the goodness of God and the wisdom of my parents. And as anyone who's read the Ludy's own story in When Dreams Come True will agree, their God-scripted romance surpasses that of any fairytale! I must say, it's wonderful and encouraging to read beautiful, pure fictional romances, but even so much more uplifting and convicting to read a true one. It leaves you exulting in the fact that cherished relationships don't only happen within the covers of a good novel, but that by the masterful Divine hand and plan, they actually can take place in reality.

Lately, I've been blessed anew through the Ludy's ardent work. I must admit that the depth of their passion for a life completely and utterly centered around Christ puts me in awe. Their desire to share the joy of this conviction has enabled them to touch and bless so many souls. The email update I received from them the other day included an invitation to visit their newly redone website, and when I re-visited Leslie's site for girls (an extension of her book Authentic Beauty; also wonderful!), I eagerly checked out her rather new online audio series. I haven't listened to all of them yet, but her "Sacred Design" session was so good for me the other day. She speaks straight from her heart about being Christ's "set apart princess", and the personal stories she shares were very moving and convicting for me. I came away meditating on a phrase she used often, and which I love: what it means to be captivated by our Heavenly Prince. I will admit in a heartbeat that I am in love with words, and this one recently was stamped on my "favorites" list... those words that, in and of themselves, make for some beautiful contemplation. Especially since listening to Leslie's talk, I have found myself praying to become completely captivated by my Jesus. And nothing else. Just whispering, reminding myself, "He is enough for me. My Jesus, You are enough."

He is enough. And He is everything. And that, indeed, is captivating.

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