Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I suppose I should title this "Time Marches On"

Wow! So much has happened in the past two weeks. A highlight was hosting six beautiful young women from NET Ministries at our home for two nights the last few days of October. I was thrilled to be able to have their team at St. Joseph's leading a retreat for 85 youth on October 30, and we savored every moment of our time with them. I marveled at how instantly we girls (meaning my sisters and I) were able to connect with these missionary sisters-in-Christ, and how much we were able to do for each other in such a short time. Here were six young women of varying backgrounds and all different parts of the US, and such kindred spirits that we felt like we knew them forever. And it was more than that. It was the penetrating beauty of the Church Militant, the Mystical Body of Christ. I love how the girls refer to those other girls on their team as their "sisterhood" (likewise, the five young men on the team were the "brotherhood"). We felt so blessed to be a part of that sisterhood for the time there were here. Deo Gratias.

And it had struck me that my periodic, unplanned (and rather undesired) "breaks" of stepping away from my corner here for a bit are somewhat needed to help me in the continual effort of finding balance and discipline in my daily life. Each day our Lord stretches me. Each day He challenges me. Each day He has work for me. Some days that includes this. Some days it does not. Sometimes, it's a little hard to realize when it's the latter. :)

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Sylvia said...

We've had a NET team come to our parish every year and it has always been awesome!! We have such a great time. They are always so fired up and enthusiastic. A highlight is always when we're in the chapel and our leaders pray over each of us individually. There are always kids crying. NET is doing some great stuff for the kingdom!! I'm glad you got a chance to host them. :-)