Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Quote I Love

“A set-apart young woman is one marked by the imprint of Christ, one italicized by a lily whiteness and punctuated by a feminine mystique that leaves the world about her astounded. Yet there is something more that characterizes her life. There is another gem that she possesses that causes her to sparkle like a princess-cut diamond amidst a world full of coal. She possesses a placid calmness. Like an oak tree in the midst of a raging storm, she remains unruffled and unmoved by life’s curveballs and cares. She possesses a confidence that is otherworldly. She smiles at trials, laughs at challenges, and is undaunted by the thought of dying. She cares not whether the world applauds her life; her ears are attuned heavenward as she listens for her Prince’s cheers.”

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