Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wisdom from a Bumper Sticker

I was out running several errands this afternoon. You know the story: traffic, parking-lot-zoos, checkout lines galore, etc., etc. And then, of course, a nicely up drawbridge to greet me as I turned a corner to cross the river toward the other side of town. With a continually-rotating list through my head of a hundred things yet-needing-to-be-done-today, sitting at a bridge wasn't exactly what I would have chosen to stop for at that moment.

But then, right in front of me, was a particular bumper sticker on a particular car. Well, not exactly... it was actually a little sign in the back window with a quote. And it read:

The only way for evil to triumph
is for good people to do nothing.

I remembered hearing that somewhere before. But whether you've heard it or not, take one moment (even though you're not stopped at a drawbridge) and stop. Now read it again -- only substitute the word "me" in place of "good people". The only way for evil to triumph is for me to do nothing.

What are each of us personally doing to conquer evil with good? In our own hearts? In our families? In our country? In our world? We just can't afford to sit back and wait for someone else to defend the Truth. Remember: God doesn't call the qualified...He qualifies the called!


An inspired reader... said...

Insightful wisdom. I love that quote "God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called."

Just think: if He did only call the qualified, then who could He call? We all started out as innocent, little babies, dependent on our parents for everything. We knew nothing, yet we had everything - because we were and still are His children. And soldiers, artists, great thinkers...where do you think they started?

Sylvia said...

It's funny because I just heard that phrase on the radio yesterday! What a great's definately something that I think we should implement into our daily lives.
God bless!

Gabe said...

great insight...i like the quote

Claire said...

Thank you, friends!