Tuesday, October 24, 2006


When I turned ten, I began a tradition of composing a special poem each year on my birthday (usually writing it at the same time I was born). Hence, a "poetry post" today with the latest: my eighteenth birthday poem, for your enjoyment...

Time passes by, each moment slips
Into the sea of the past
Moments of joy…moments of sorrow
Not a one of them will last

Daily I rise; daily I wake
And breathe of each new day
Moments of grace…moments of waste
Which will be my chosen way?

Will I breathe each breath for You
And with each, live Your Life?
Or will I throw each breath away
In wasted, joyless strife?

Will my heart be filled with You
And pulse for You each beat?
Or will it pulse unfeelingly
And loveless throbs repeat?

I want to speak, and think, and act
Your Love in all I do
To live, and move, and breathe, and give
Each moment back to You

-Claire Joann Mary Halbur
March 01, 2006


Sylvia said...

What a beautiful poem! I hope you had a great birthday!

Claire said...

Thank you, Sylvia. :) I did have a great birthday -- it was actually several months ago (you'll notice the poem was written on March 1st; that's my birthday), but I thought I'd do a "poetry post" the other day and that one was ready to go, so it worked well. ;)


Alice said...

What a stunningly beautiful poem from an equally beautiful young lady. You are a hope to the future of our world!

May God bless you on your 18th birthday and always!

Claire said...

Alice, thank you! Your kind words made my day. Really, though...it's all grace. Any time God chooses to work through me, I am humbled and honored. Please keep me in your prayers, and know I do the same for you!

In Him,