Friday, October 20, 2006


Way upon a several-months-ago, a few of you requested some photos of my graduation gown. I didn't forget! Here are some snapshots from the Illinois State Fair in August, where I modeled the dress in the Fashion Revue. Enjoy! And pardon the blurriness - all the "action" photos were that way since my sister took them from the back of the auditorium, and I was moving. :)

On stage

Doing a turn...a good view of the 15-inch ruffle

A side-view: visiting with the Bishop on Graduation Day


malori said...

Oh, it's so beautiful!! The ruffle looks amazing...I want to make one, too!! :-)

Claire said...

Thanks, Malori! Go for it...then we can wear them matching. ;)

Kindred Spirits Forever,

Alice said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

I can't wait to show the girls--they will all want a dress just like it!

Anna Naomi said...

It is beautiful! I like how you made it. The white and pink is so pretty!

Claire said...

Thank you. ;)

Erin said...

Hey! I found your site through the rebelution website. i was actually at the Illinois state fair and I was in the Fashion Revue this year as well!!! How insane is that? i think we might have went on different days though, because I don't recognize you or your dress (which is pretty.) Anyways thought I'd say that! Have a great day!