Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Back and Refreshed

What a week of grace! The "Ave Cor Mariae" (Hail Heart of Mary) Catholic Girls Camp by Miles Jesu was wonderful. Nearly 70 Catholic girls from all over the country, ages 10 and up were there. Being 18, I was actually a camp leader (adult) this year and in charge of the St. Paul cabin (they're all named after biblical charaters!) . It was actually somewhat fun being in the most rustic of the cabins. Not having electricity made the experience more authentic, in a way...and a friendly bat hanging out in our cabin only added to the excitement!

I also lead workshops on hair braiding each day and did, oh, about 50 french braids over the course of the week, as well as teaching several other girls how to french braid. Whenever I'm asked if my fingers get tired, I just laugh and say I hope all the exercise will help them never to get arthritis!

Our days were filled with such activities as swimming, canoeing, sports, archery, folk dancing lessons, crafts, and best of all, sacraments. Daily devotions (morning and evening prayer together in the chapel), rosary, and Holy Mass made the week very much like a rejuvenating retreat. We were so blessed (and I would say spoiled) to have a wonderful holy priest as our chaplain for the week, available at any time for Confessions. And to have our Lord right there, in the camp chapel, so that you could run in at any time to be with Him. And each afternoon there was adoration and exposition...oh, what peace, what consolation. There is nothing like sitting in tranquil silence before your King and your God, just basking in His Love.


Malori said...

Oh, that sounds so lovely....I would love to come next year!! And thank you for your comment on my blog. It gives me strength to have a positive presence there!

Your sister in Christ,
Malori :-)

P.S. Please continue to pray for my pro-life efforts....I have been contemplating starting a student pro-life group on my campus! It would be a huge endeavour, but it is something I would greatly love to do! The Holy Spirit will guide me...

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