Friday, June 30, 2006


I'm home...but just for one day. :) We pulled in only a few hours ago from a wonderful 4 days at the 2006 Couple to Couple League Family Convention in Arkansas, and have only today to do laundry and repack before my Mom, sisters, and I are off to the Ave Cor Mariae Summer Girls' Camp run by Miles Jesu.

A few random highlights from our trip...

Playing violin and piano and singing for the daily Conference Masses
Meeting up with new and old friends from around the country (particularly one whom I hadn't seen in four years!)
Being a childcare leader/helper for 45 eight-and-nine-year-olds
French braiding about 20 little girls' hair from the above mentioned group :)
One smiling little boy from my group asking me if I've seen the Sound of Music and telling me that I "reminded him of Maria".
Being told that I "looked like Anne of Green Gables"
Being greeted by a Southern gentleman sweeping the sidewalk with "Good day, miss. Lovely bonnet!" as the group of children and I walked past (I was wearing a straw hat).
Enjoying volleyball each night with wonderful, faith-filled teens from all over - and the rosary afterward, right there in the sand.
Enjoying the AR natives' accent...quite the twang they talk with down there, y'all know?
Driving through the lovely Ozark Mountains and lots of red-colored earth!


Malori said...

Oh yes, lovely memories....:-) I'm glad you had a safe trip back, and please pray for me as I continue to be a warrior in the battle for the end of can go to my blog and read what has been going on between myself and my schoolmates(beware of some vulgar language in the comments by others).

Sharon (mother of a 4yo girl) said...

I had hoped to see you at CCL. Everytime I passed your booth no one was there. Now I know you were helping with childcare.

Claire said...

Be assured of my prayers, Malori! Thanks again for all the lovely compliments on your blog. ;)

Claire said...

So sorry I missed you, Sharon. You know, I wish I could bi-locate sometimes! :) Between helping with the children and playing music for the Liturgies, I was kept more than busy the whole conference. In fact, my sister was helping with childcare also, and your daughter may have even been in her group (she worked with the 3 and 4 year olds). We both had such a great time with so many precious little ones.

If you had any questions you wished to ask me, please feel free to email me and I'll do my best to answer -- even though it's not quite the same as a personal conversation! ;)

May God bless you and your family abundantly.