Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ave Cor Mariae Camp in Photos

Getting ready to hike into town to watch the fireworks on the 4th!
(Notice the chapel behind us. Father led our "parade" in his cassock and baseball cap!)
Formal dinner on Thursday evening...learning the proper way to eat :)

I was the hostess of my table
The Miles Jesu sisters eating after they had served all of us
Skit night...Saint Paul's cabin performed "Saint Dorothy"
Father played the piano for our talent show!
Girls from the Little Flowers Club danced
(the white blurs are scarves and rose petals being thrown!) Mom and my sister Sarah did a cheer!
The whole group


Jeannine said...

Dear Claire~

Thank you for sharing the photos. It is enlightening to see girls partaking in wholesome fun. I was unaware that such camps exist...I am hopeful that one day my little daughter will be able to attend. I deeply wish that I was exposed to such an experience as a young woman.

sis, Veronica said...

Dear Claire,

Thank you for using my pictures, aren't they great