Saturday, April 29, 2006

Random Thoughts from Today...

It is simply enchanting to take a long walk - even on an overcast grey morning! - when the spring flowering trees are in full bloom. Whoever said jewels don't grow on trees needs to rethink their statement.

Daddy may be a better kitchen-cleaner than a chef, but he can make a mean egg-and-cheese sandwich (a.k.a. "Power Sandwich" around here). Perhaps it's the 16 years or so of practice?

Why is it that, when my sister came out of the shower tonight wrapped in a towel with her hair in a half-ponytail, all she needed was the flip-flops to look like she's all in fashion for going to prom?


Josie said...

Well, your sister also needs big earrings... Lots of the immodest girls wear little dresses with big earrings. It's kind of sad how sometimes the earrings compete with the size of the dress (i.e. the earrings are almost as big as the dress).

Anonymous said...

Hi Claire,

It's Elizabeth Smith. I'm hiding the big earrings so you don't see them... just kidding!

I didn't know where to comment exactly, but I like your blog. I'm very interested in talking with other young Catholic women, so if you see fit to do so, please feel free to pass on my email address!

Long-Skirts said...

Lily Maiden said:
"Whoever said jewels don't grow on trees needs to rethink their statement."


Pretty petals,
Purple, pink,
A pale of plush
Upon a brink

At winter's edge,
Where spring resides,
Blossoms bud
'Round April's ides

On branches, still,
Lifeless, bare,
Can something grow
And still live there?

But every spring
God provides
Purple, pinks,
Near April's ides

To show that His,
Branches, bare,
Can still pulse pulp,
Possess a pear.

Or cherish an apple,
Leaf or peach,
Nothing is ever
Beyond His reach.

So beware March ides
When all seems lost,
Prune and pray,
No matter the frost.

Toiling, trusting
In Him Who guides...
March blizzards become blossoms...
On April's ides.


Claire said...

Thank you, Long-Skirts, for the lovely poem!