Friday, April 09, 2010

Doesn't anyone visit here anymore?

...or is everyone too shy to participate in my Paschal languages contest? Come on, come out of hiding! :)


Laura said...

Yes, Claire, I still read your blog when I get a chance ;)

# 5 on your easter greetings is in French--the literal translation is:

Christ is risne! He is truely risen!

But actually, happy easter in French is: Joyeuse Pâques!

Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Here's one you missed!

Istchray isway Isenray! Ehay isway isenray indeedway!


Claire said...

To Laura/French scholar -- thank you!

To Robert -- :) (My mom used to speak that with her siblings...)

Victoria Rose said...

I did too participate! your house. :P

I am a dedicated reader now and for always!


Claire said...

Yes, Vicki, you were the only "live" participant. So lovely having you here! :)

Mary Kate said...

what is that language that RK wrote on?

Claire said...

Mary Kate, it's called "Pig Latin" and is a silly way of speaking English by rearranging and adding endings to words... Ask my mom sometime to speak it for you if you want to hear it. :)