Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What are we coming to?

I'm afraid that I'm coming down with something today, and was wondering why I should be getting sick. Well, a glance at some of the headlines in LifeSiteNews and Catholic News Agency showed that there's an awful lot to make reparation for right now...

Chicago Mayor Daley to Sign Abortion "Bubble Law" Ordinance
New ad backing same-sex ‘marriage’ in Maine misrepresents Catholicism
Obama Criticizes People with "Old Attitudes" in Keynote Speech at Homosexualist Dinner
President of USCCB Congratulates President Obama for Nobel Peace Prize
Homosexual Hate Crimes Law Poised to Become Law after Passing U.S. House
Notre Dame Pays Student Expenses to D.C. March for Homosexual 'Marriage'
Policeman Confiscates Rockford Pro-Lifer's Christ Image

There were a few positive ones, too, but the above type seemed sadly overpowering! Friends, we much pray and sacrifice for our slipping nation.

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Anonymous said...

How dreadfully horrible! I've had a cold this week too...