Sunday, March 15, 2009

Of Movies, Actors, and Real Men

So, my family watched The Ten Commandments for the first time this Lent (I know, we've had so many people say they can't believe we hadn't seen it yet!). Both Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner were simply incredible. I've enjoyed Heston immensely when seeing him before, and it struck me how thoroughly he takes the individual character of each role. The Heston Moses never came across as a Moses/Ben Hur mix! He was entirely the character in all its uniqueness. In my mind, this is a mark of a truly excellent actor.

Those of you who've read my blog for a while probably know that I'm all about who actors and celebrities really are...not just who they are on screen. And the more I've learned about the real Heston, the more impressed I am. Not only does he portray many upright characters; he was one! He served in the air force, championed the civil rights movement, was a friend of Martin Luther King Jr., and spoke out against abortion. Most significantly, he was faithfully married for 64 years to his bride, Lydia, whom he wed at age 20! Amidst the countless Hollywood scandals and divorces, this speaks volumes. He stands alone amidst celebs married two, four, five, and seven times...

In fact, I learned that my oft-repeated quote "Political correctness is simply tyranny with manners," — which and for some reason I thought was from Chesterton — was actually from Charlton Heston! (By the way, his actual name was John Charles Carter).

Check out this wonderful LifeSiteNews article from his passing almost a year ago (and check out the links at the bottom of the story!):

Larger than Life Hollywood Icon and Pro-life Advocate Charlton Heston Dies at 84

And check out this wonderful video clip of Heston on abortion. Powerful! (Don't forget to pause the music at the right). This is the introduction he gave to a video made in 1987 to raise awareness of late-term abortions.


Gregory Cantor said...

The problem with the movie is that it distorts the biblical account. That's really the sad fact with motion pictures in general: it seems that simple truth is never sufficiently "spectacular"...
In case you be interested, there is a version with Ben Kingsley which is much more in line with the true story (as far as I remember).


Germaine said...

I'm so happy to learn Charlton Heston (May he rest in peace.)was prolife and long married! It's so nice to discover such joyous findings about actors/actresses real lives, when they spent them well!