Friday, September 15, 2006

How Did I Know Your Car Was Dirty?

Well, tomorrow we can fix that! Saturday, September 16, 2006 is the First-Ever Annual CAR WASH FOR LIFE - a new, nationwide pro-life youth event. Youth Groups around the country are sponsoring Car Washes with 100% profits benefiting their local crisis pregnancy center/pregnancy care center.

Check out the great website all about it at and find a Wash in your area! (And if there isn't one, well, make sure you're the one to organize it next year.)

And hear, hear! Our very own Saint John Bosco's League of Extraordinary Catholics Youth Group is hosting a Wash at K-Mart here in Joliet, IL (at the intersection of Larkin Ave. and Jefferson St.). So for any and all of you remotely nearby people, tell your family and friends to bring their dirty cars and their pockebooks! We'll be out there from 10am-3pm at your service, accepting donations great and small in exchange for making your vehicle sparkle. And we'll even have some homemade baked goods and lemonade right there for you, too. All our proceeds will be benefitting the brand-new Woman's Choice Services Pregnancy Care Center opening right next-door to our local abortion clinic!

And please, all of you, keep this nationwide effort in your prayers! Even if you aren't near a Wash tomorrow...consider making a holy hour, or going to Mass just for the intention of this project. From across the country, you can help us too. And hey, if you have your own blog it wouldn't hurt for you to mention and link this event there also. Let's show America that we are a PRO-LIFE GENERATION!

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