Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Glimpse at Our Family Camping Trip, Part 3

An enchanting view: the creek that runs into the Lake

Enjoying Lake Michigan...and our WholesomeWear swimsuits!

Daddy gallantly rigged up a badminton net off the clearance rack, some $.99 plastic poles, and thick branches to make a "volleyball court" on the beach for us. Hours of fun!

The girls playing peek-a-boo from behind Mom and Dad. You can see a bit of our raft (which we jokingly call "our boat").

Daddy giving his impish grin. ;) (Does it look anything like the volleyball?)

David enjoying the "kiddie pool" creek

The boys just can't get by without shinnying up a few trees, you know! ;)

Wooded dunes against a blue sky!

"Be exalted, O God, above the heavens!
Let thy glory be over all the earth!"
(Psalm 57)


Gabe said...

great picture, Claire. Looks like a really great trip.

Veronica said...

Claire, Thanks for using my picture of the sun and the clouds. Didn't it turn out lovely?

Alice said...

What beautiful family photos!

I flatter myself to say this, but you and your sisters remind me so much of my daughters!


Claire said...

I'm quickly replying to let you all know that yes, I did read (and appreciate!) you comments, even though I never said anything!

Gabe: It's great to hear from you! I've been remembering you in my prayers...

Veronica: You're welcome. ;) Yes, your photos are beautiful. Thanks for letting me use them.

Alice: I'm honored that we remind you of your daughters, whom I'm sure must be lovely girls. :) Thanks for your kind words.