Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today's Feast: Finding of the Holy Cross

The finding of the Cross was first celebrated in Jerusalem to celebrate both the finding of the Cross by Saint Helena in the 4th century, and the dedication of two churches built by her son Emperor Constantine on Mount Calvary. The commemoration of these events was annually solemnized not only in Jerusalem, but also in Constantinople and Rome. Since a similar feast was kept on the 3rd of May in parts of the Western Church, this date was chosen at the beginning of the 9th Century for its celebration in the Western Church, although the real date of the discovery was most probably the 14th of September (Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross).

Source: Patron Saints Index.


c-tree-p--o said...

Lovely blog. Your "mission of modesty" is brave and well over due. Your posts are well thought out and well written. Nice Job!
What type of singing are you interested in? I'm a wife/mom/student at the University of Saint Francis studying music.
In Him,
Therese Miller

Claire said...

Dear Therese,

Thank you for your kind comment! I especially enjoy singing classical pieces, Sacred hymns, Latin, Chorale pieces, and folk songs. My sisters and I are very involved with Liturgical Music Choirs, in addition to cantoring at Mass. Music plays (no pun intended - smile) a significant part of my addition to singing, I also play (and teach) violin and piano.

Perhaps I'll meet you in person at the 2006 ILCHC at USF?

Yours in Faith,