Thursday, August 26, 2010

Listen Up, World

The too-cute 4-year-old mentioned in yesterday's post is quite the character: he's blonde-haired, big-eyed, and closer to the size of a 2 year old, but will open his articulate mouth and talk like he's 22. :)

Francis prompts laughter and endearment continually, but this particular exchange from last night is too good not to document. His brother three years his elder had been doing a bit of name-calling, prompting me to pull him aside for a little talk. Francis was meanwhile standing behind me on the porch steps.

Me: "Joseph, would Jesus have talked like you did?"

J: "No. But why do we have to be like Jesus?"

Me: "Because if we do not act like Jesus, that makes our enemy happy. Do you know who that is?" (Very helpful: always capitalize on spiritual warfare when catechizing little boys) ;)

J: "The devil."

Me: "And the devil hates us. He doesn't want us to be happy. He wants us to hurt God, others, and ourselves."

Francis: (with hands expressively lifted) "And why would you want to listen to someone who doesn't even love you? That doesn't make sense!"

You go, little one. If only the rest of the world would figure that out, a lot of people would be a whole lot happier!

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Kathryn said...

"Like" your "Simple Joys" and "Listen Up, World" posts.
Too bad we can't talk/see you....