Thursday, September 03, 2009

I Love the Duggars!

In an era that devalues the gift of life, I think the joyful Duggar family is a wonderful witness to the reality of this gift. Parents Jim Bob and Michelle are always so upbeat and positive, and I can never get over how stunning and youthful Michelle looks — just pregnant with number 19, she is more gorgeous and glowing than ever! It's both sad and interesting how many people are derogative about their openness to life. And I'm sure these critics are the very same who claim to stand for "tolerance" and "choice". Why should they be mad about a large, happy, Christian, homeschooling family that chooses life (and that lives debt-free in a home they built themselves)? These well-rounded children will each bring a valuable contribution to society. I also love how beautifully and femininely the ladies of the Duggar family dress — Michelle and all 8 daughters! This family stands for the kind of beautiful values that are all-too-rare today. Though the Duggars are not Catholic, I think it's great how Jim Bob quotes Mother Teresa in this recent video announcing baby #19:

And there are some very sweet photos in this one. See what I mean about a lovely mama? (At 42, she hardly looks older than her daughter-in-law!)

May the Lord continue to bless this family, and may their courageous witness inspire many to embrace the gift of life.


Yvonne said...

Hello! My name is Yvonne, and I am a friend of Malori's. I am so glad you posted this because I was thinking the same thing- how sad it was that "pro-choice" people are so against having this many children.
Anyway thank you for posting- your blog is a joy to read!

Claire said...

Yvonne, how nice of you to visit! If you live nearer Malori than I do and/or see her more often, do give her a hug from me. :)

Thanks for your kind words!


Kathryn said...

Oh Claire that is so cool! 18 and counting.... May God continiue to bless them. You are right they are a neat family. I'm surprized I haver not heard of them before. Where did you find out about them? Where do they live? That's quite a gift Mrs. Duggar must have to be able to home school that many kids. :)
Love, Kathryn

Anonymous said...

This is such a refreshing point of view. I, too, love the Duggar family and the controversy around them saddens me. I have the book. We don't have cable these days but we have purchased the tv episodes from amazon for around $2 each and I just love watching them. They are such good role models and I hope to model my own family after their example. I also love how even my husband watches them and we can both learn a lot from their family. They are such a blessing.

Claire said...

Kathryn: Sorry I never answered your questions. :) I've known about the Duggars for a while and can't remember where I first learned of them... but they live in Arkansas. In fact, I met the children's Suzuki music teacher at one of the institutes I attended! That was neat. :) Yes, I agree that Mrs. Duggar is a blessed/gifted wife and mom and homeschool teacher!

Anonymous: Thanks for mentioning the episodes available for purchase...I might have to check that out!