Thursday, July 23, 2009

The King's Castle

This morning's Joliet Herald News ran a beautiful article on what has been an immense but delightful summer project for me: organizing a Catholic Kids' Day Camp through St. Joseph Parish.

If you are visiting this blog because of the link mentioned in the newspaper article, welcome! This is actually my personal blog site; but the website of the purity apostolate mentioned in the article is If you are not attending the Camp, but are interested in receiving the children's coloring books mentioned in the article, you can email me at stjosephcre @ . net (remove the spaces).

If you're looking for information on the Camp, here is a summary...

Knights and Princesses in the Family of God
~ ~ ~

Not just your typical Vacation Bible School...4 days of Catholic immersion!

When: July 28-31 (Tue-Fri) • 9am to 12noon
For: Kindergarten-6th Grade

Cost: $35/child • Second child in family $15 • Third child free
Limited openings available until July 25 by contacting Claire:
(815) 325-7361 or stjosephCRE @ sbcglobal . net (remove the spaces)

I will try to post some photos after the event!


Rose said...

I'm glad it went well Clarie! I'll have to look up the article online and read it. =)

Minette said...

Claire, that sounds wonderful! Could you send me info & copies of how you did things? I am in charge of our parish's VBS and would love to try a theme like that sometime! This year we did "Fiesta with Our Lady of Guadalupe" and talked about Guadalupe, of course, as well as pro life issues. Thanks :o) Hope you are having a good summer!

Claire said...


Great to hear from you! I am actually hoping to offer the complete program for purchase via the Rosa Mystica Modesty Movement, as it is built around the coloring books and their themes. Quite a few people have recommended that I make it available for purchase (there are at least a few hundred hours of work into it...). I hope to have it ready for distribution by the winter, but if I know there is someone waiting that may help me with a goal!

Your "Fiesta with OLOG" sounds charming. How many children attended? We ended up with 100, including our youth helpers! God is good!


P.S. My love to the girls!