Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today, I Got a Dozen Roses

1. The rose... of waking up to a glorious morning of glistening snow under perfect blue sky and delightful sunshine.

2. The rose... of smiling at all those faces I passed on our community college campus, while there for Spanish class this morning.

3. The rose... of a hug from a dear 90-year-old lady.

4. The rose... of a slice of homemade bread with thick butter and jam for breakfast. One of the simpler, yet finer things in life!

5. The rose... of a sweet Valentine from my violin student.

6. The rose... of laughter with a couple of innocent, carefree young souls.

7. The rose... of a dance through the church parking lot in the sunshine, just because my heart was light!

8. The rose... of my Guardian Angel graciously preserving me from any car mishap when the driver (yours truly) made a thoughtless mistake this afternoon.

9. The rose... of my young piano student hanging over the edge of the piano as I played for him -- with wide, wondrous eyes and the exclamation, "Oh, this is getting good...Teach me how to play that!"

10. The rose... of singing tonight, impropteau, with a group of six active little ones -- all dancing and singing along. "These are a few of my favorite things..."

11. The rose... of receiving the Modesty Survey Results!

12. The rose... of receiving my Lord and Lover: Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Eucharist.

Indeed, I am blessed!

~ ~ ~


Sylvia said...

Oh, that's sweet. :-) I especially like #9, #11, and of course #12. And I do remember you dancing with some other girls to the fiddler's music at the CCL convention...haha ;-) That would correspond with #'s 7 and 10 of course.

meredith said...

This is beauiful Claire, thanks for sharing your special Valentine's! God Bless!