Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Poll for Fun: Sopa de Pavo!

In addition to my sister's cake last night, I was kept busy for several hours cooking up a gigantic batch of turkey soup. That's right, turkey soup (sopa de pavo, as we had fun referring to it with our Spanish friends).

You can laugh, but for me, turkey soup has been a part of my growing up. So has turkey-eating all year round, for that matter! So it wasn't until recently that I realized most folks...haven't. Don't ask me why. Neither the visiting friend, the piano student who came for a lesson, nor the person I spoke with on the phone last night had ever heard of, much less tasted, turkey soup.

So, it being Thanksgiving week and all, I thought we should have a little fun here. How many of you lovely blog readers have heard of turkey soup before...or tried it? Leave a comment! Or maybe we're not isolated, and it's a long-standing family dinner for you, too. Let us know. :-)

And just maybe, if you ask, I'll post our special recipe so you can have a scrumptious way to use up all your leftovers on Thursday!


Alice said...

We love turkey soup, and, yes, I've made it many times. Turkey in general is good all year round!

Sylvia said...

Sorry, but I've never heard of turkey soup before in my life! It sounds good though. :)

Sara said...

The only turkey soup I've had is made from the carcass, skin, and drippings from the turkey to make the broth. We add the leftover turkey meat, carrots, celery, noodles etc. just as we would chicken soup after we've simmered carcass for hours. It is delicious.

Claire said...

Sara, we make ours the same way. :) We say it's "real" broth (not bullion cubes!).

Nice to hear from you all!

Lisa said...

I am not sure if we have eaten turkey soup or not, but it wouldn't surprise me...made the same way as chicken soup. We eat turkey year-round (or rather, whenever we have some) but we raised chickens so there was always more of them around. :)

Josie said...

Nope. Until you wrote about it, I had never heard of turkey soup. Granted, it sounds quite logical, as one can easily make chicken soup... Anyways, it sounds like a good way to use up the leftover Thanksgiving turkey. But make sure to save enough for sandwiches!